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Re: [xmlblaster] about RMI

Heinrich Götzger wrote:
On Fri, 27 Feb 2004, zhang zhi wei wrote:

This demo is not a callback demo, just a "get" demo.

Guess you need to use RmiCallbackServer as you suggested earlier, it's an example of Rmi Callback implementation.

Is the current rmi implementation supporting failsafe mode?

Every QoS is supported by *every* protocol, the protocol plugins are independend on the internal features and vice versa.

To start any demo with RMI please use the '-protocol RMI' switch,
for example:

java HelloWorld3 -protocol RMI

and *both*, client connection and callback, will be RMI.

You can also mix:

java HelloWorld3 -dispatch/connection/protocol XMLRPC -dispatch/callback/protocol RMI

Here we access xmlBlaster with XML-RPC and xmlBlaster
calls us back with RMI. The '-help' option tells you all
this options.



PS: Meinrad reported a problem with RMI when the client
and server are on different machines. This issue remains
to be investigated.

I have no idea right now, just try it.

Is the RMI completely implemented?

I'm not aware of some broken stuff about RMI right now.

I cannot find a rmi callback demo?

did you try this: java -Djava.security.policy=${XMLBLASTER_HOME}/config/xmlBlaster.policy javaclients.rmi.ClientGet -loginName Jeff

If i want to write the rmi callback demo, i must use the rimConnection,
RMICallback Server?

check with the requirement: http://www.xmlblaster.org/xmlBlaster/doc/requirements/protocol.rmi.html

and see the links in the bottom to CODE references.