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Re: [xmlblaster] Ldbc requirements.

Marcel Ruff wrote:
Peter Bennett wrote:


Hi Peter,

good work, the requirements arrived and are already
available online.

Good... I had to manually set the tag on the new requirement...
The old mysql requirement already had the right tags and has been updated to reflect the need for the ldbc plugin.

Are your driver passing the testsuite?

Mostly... There is a bug in hsqldb somewere but MySql and postgres pass.
The hsqldb bug is noted on the ldbc web site but I have not looked into it yet.

I'm looking forward to your commit,

Will do today...


best regards


I have uploaded the new requirements for ldbc and mysql.

I think I have done it right but not sure...
Can you let me know if the cvs commits were right.
If so I will go ahead and load the 4 java files for the plugin.