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Re: [xmlblaster] pull

Oleg Orlov wrote:

In my application i need to emulate some pull functionality.
My code now looks like:

public class MyPlugin implements I_Plugin, I_CommandHandler {
  public void init(Global glob, PluginInfo pluginInfo) throws
      XmlBlasterException {
    org.xmlBlaster.engine.Global engineGlob = (org.xmlBlaster.engine.Global)
    engineGlob.getCommandManager().register("my_command", this);
  public MsgUnitRaw[] get(String sessionId, CommandWrapper cmd) throws
      XmlBlasterException {
    MsgUnitRaw units = new MsgUnitRaw[1];
    return units;


for unit in blaster.get("<key oid='__cmd:my_command/?id=10'/>", "<qos/>"):
  print unit.content

All works like a charm, but does this approach is correct?
Can I rely on this API?

Thanks, Oleg.


when i get you right you are creating your own new messages in your plugin
instead of by a publish or an internal query.
I have never thought of such a use case - but why not.
What is you global archicture that you need such an approach, what
is the task you want to solve?
Just to be curious - what is the programming language in client side?



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