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[xmlblaster] Liberty Data Base Connectivity.


I need to create some docs so I need to ask a question or two...

(1) I need to release the Ldbc stuff I have been working on.
(2) I can't test enough... Seems to work with MySQL and Postgres.
(3) I have created a Ldbcxxxxx structure for use as a plugin.

As you know I would like to see MySQL on an equal footing with postgres and hsqldb...

I think the Liberty Data Base Connectivity package solves this...
The previous work I have done with MySQL referenced in the requirement
queue.jdbc.mysql.xml is now defunct I think. There were still unresolved issues with this implimentation which ldbc has resolved. Ldbc has thrown up some other issues that I cannot resolve by myself however.
hsqldb should work but does not however I have noted some reported bugs for ldbc in the last few days that relate to hsqldb that are yet to be resolved by the author. He fixed the ones I reported quickly so I have no doubt the package is being maintained.

Anyway on to the questions...

I have a plugin... Thanks Michele for making this possible.



They are based on the Jdbc code and only have changes that were required to make Ldbc run and to overcome the lack of cascaded delete functionality in Ldbc (Not sure what I did is right here).

I think it will need a config example as well although this could be put into the requirements doc.

How many docs do I need to make and what do I call them?
How do I handle the reference to the ldbc package web site?
Or is it worth while including a jar file with xmlBlaster.
Personally I put things like the ldbc.jar file in JDK_HOME/jre/lib/ext
along with all the other jdbc drivers and much prefer compiling the package myself.

The code base needs to be shoved into beta and then brought up to standard...

I am going to update to the latest release and test today and tomorrow.

Finally I need to move on to what I want to do with xmlBlaster as opposed to making it work with MySQL. I am sure there are others with far more expertise in the area of Jdbc's and SQL. Releasing the plugin
will show if it is a runner or not and then I can move on.