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Re: [xmlblaster] Durable subscriptions

zhang qiang wrote:
> Thank u sir
> I hava retry you change to HelloWorldPublish, but I think you have 
> misunderstand my problem;
>     My problem is that when restart the subscriber, the xmlBlaster 
> server send the same message it have send to me before to me, say, 
> demo-1. But I want demo-2 now.
>   In my opinon, or my purpose is donot let xmlBlaster send the duplicate 
> message to me,In JMS or CORBA Notification service , the Durable 
> subscriber can have this behaviour.

Here no duplicate messages arrive.

There is one case where you get duplicate messages:

If the subscriber unsubscribes before it is killed
and resubscribes on new startup the new subscribe
will send the last message again.
This can be suppressed with

   -initialUpdate false