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Re: [xmlblaster] adding SSL to xmlBlaster

Madere, Colin wrote:

You must.  Something has to exchange keys and decrypt on the server-side so
that xmlBlaster can read the messages.  xmlBlaster doesn't have SSL
connection code built in, does it?  That would make my life much easier.

The only condition on server side is a running sshd (secure shell deamon) which is
automatically installed on any Linux and free available for Windows.
Then it should run as described under:




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From: Marcel Ruff [mailto:mr at marcelruff.info]

Madere, Colin wrote:

The FAQ doesn't say it, but wouldn't you have to set up the proxy ssh situation on the server too and have xmlBlaster connect to the local port just as the client connects to its local port?

Without having it now verified i think on the server you don't need to configure anything.
But on the client side you are correct, the client connects to its local port.
This is the same situation with any SSL tunnel (say for cvs).

Also, I'm looking for a client solution that is enclosed in the client so... I'm going to have to use JSSE for any Java-based clients (which is ok, however, will mean I have to hack up the xmlBlaster client libs OR do a code version of what's suggested in the FAQ.... going to try out that second option and see where it leads me)

Good luck