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Re: [xmlblaster] get call fix

Chris Jones wrote:

Your suggestion removed the unwanted results, but I am wondering why?

Using *[((metadata/.....))] should have returned only results that matched and the <key oid="..."> </key> nodes did not contain any matching tree with metadata/... .

Could you explain how adding /xmlblaster/key/metadata fixed this?

Hi Chris,

you can cut and paste the internal DOM from an xmlBlaster dump (type 'd' in the console)
just take everything inside the <XmlKeyDom> tag and you have
exactly what the DOM looks inside xmlBlaster.

Put this into a file, lets call it ChrisKey.xml and now you can play with XPath:

java DomQueryTest ChrisKey.xml "/xmlBlaster/key/metadata/SpecificObjectData[tst_meta/type='CLASSINFO' and beginning_date_time_group/hour_time=21]"

(The DomQueryTest is in the xmlBlaster.jar file just to test XPath queries). The above query returns the matched DOM tree and the found key oids which a subscriber would subscribe to.

Here is a typical DOM:

  <key oid="__sys__UserList">
     <__sys__internal />
  <key oid="__sys__Login" />
  <key oid="NewSchemaFormat_1.0" domain="DPASA">

If you use "*[(( ...." and your expression matches somewhere in the tree,
it will return the COMPLETE tree, our lookup parses the returned tree
to find all key oids -> and it will find ALL oid.

The problem is the "*" which returns everything.
Writing "/xmlBlaster/key" instead selects the matching subtrees
before your expression is applied - and that is what we want.

Note the absolute notation "/xmlBlaster/key/metadata" is much
better performing in XSL as relative notations like "//metadata".