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Re: [xmlblaster] Cluster demo trouble

Madere, Colin wrote:

v. 0.8.45

Any have the cluster demo working?  When I try to run this line like in the

java org.xmlBlaster.Main -propertyFile avalon.properties -call[core] true

I get "No match.", when I take off the "-call[core] true" it runs (same for
running the heron node).  What's that supposed to do?

So I get both servers running, get the connect message on "avalon" that
"heron" connected, but trying to publish with the demo "PublishToSlave"
class as directed by the README yeilds:

[Apr 18, 2003 5:24:06 PM ERROR PublishToSlave-Exception]
errorCode=user.notConnected message=Your operation is not possible, please
login with connect() first

even though no errors were reported on startup of that client.

Hi Colin,

you are right, the demos are outdated, i have now updated them to reflect the current
xmlBlaster release.

Please do a cvs update of the complete xmlBlaster tree from today, compile it
and check the updated xmlBlaster/demo/javaclients/cluster/README.

Another question is, if I'm testing out a cluster, then why in the README
does it have both the publish client and the subscribe client connecting to
the "avalon" node and not publishing to one and subscribing from another?

See the updated README.

Is this a case of a demo not keeping up with the server version?


Any help with this or working examples would be great.

Sorry about this outdated demo wasting your time,