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[xmlblaster] how to get server generated OID ?


like a newbie, I've just got a problem.

I post some messages like :
   String xmlKey = "<key oid='' contentMime='" + contentMime + "'
contentMimeExtended='" + contentMimeExtended + "'>\n"
               + "<eConnector application=\"KProcManager\"" /></key>";
       xmlContent = "<content>\n"+ xmlContent + "</content>" ;
       String qos = "<qos>\n</qos>" ;

then getting some messages with a query :

   String xmlKey ="<key oid='' queryType='XPATH'>/xmlBlaster/key/eConnector</key>";
   String qos = "<qos></qos>" ;
   MessageUnit[] units = xmlblasterConnection.get(...);

I get no OID from MessageUnit, like I've not set a OID when sending message.

But I can see there is a generated OID for each message :
   [INFO  XmlKeyDom] Client /node/K3/client/guest/13 is accessing
message oid="K3-1037039328728-19" after successful query

Question : how to get the generated OID when querying messages ???

Thanx a lot,