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[xmlblaster] Xmlblaster via SSH channel


I want to use XmlBlaster via SSH channel but i 've some problems :(

My configuration is the folowing one :

1) I create SSH channels

On the client :
ssh -L 6040:server:3412 server
ssh -L 6043:server:6043 server #for the CallBack server connection

On the server :
ssh -L 6044:client:6044 client #for the CallBack client connection

2) I launch XmlBlaster server :

java -DOAIAddr=localhost -DOAPort=6043 -port 3412

3) I launch XmlBlaster client :

/java -DOAIAddr=localhost -DOAPort=6044 javaclients.ClientSub -hostname -port 6040

It works fine but i can't connect using the default method (without SSH
channels...) because the callback adresses are localhost.

I don't know how to do :(. I want to use XmlBlaster via SSH channels
from internet connections and without ssh channels from LAN connections.

Any idea ?

Thanks and have a good day.