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[xmlblaster] cluster configuration


I'm currently trying to use 2 XMLBlaster clusters to make clients
communicate between 2 different geographical places. Actually, I'm just
testing a prototype of this configuration on a single PC, but you get the

Like this :

                            Cluster A ====================(non reliable
connection)================== Cluster B
                           /                 \
/                  \
                         /                     \
/                      \
               client 1                 client 2
client 3                client 4

So, basically, what I need is to have all messages transmitted to all
clients whatever the domain is, so that each client at any place can
receive any message.

What would be the best configuration for the servers ? Should I try
something with acceptDefault ? Or declare both clusters as masters for all
kinds of domain ?

So far, the only thing I managed to do was send from client 1 to all
clients of cluster B, or from client 1 to all clients of cluster A. But I
can't get the message sent to all the clients at once.

Do anyone see a simple configuration pattern I could use for this ?


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