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Re: [xmlblaster] Problem with build C++ DLL on Windows2000

alysenko at accelrys.com wrote:

Hi Marcel,
Thank you very much for help. I was able to create Log.obj,xmlBlaster.obj,CompatibleCorba.obj,CorbaConnection.obj using .bat file, you sent to me. Now I should link in into xmlBlasterClient.dll . What the linker option I should use? Can you send to me .bat file with link


link.exe /nologo /debug ....

sorry i have no idea, you need to play a bit (probably reuse some of the compile flags)

If you are successful please inform us.





nobody has ever tried the build.xml settings for Windows
and i'm shure it won't work (i'm talking about the C++
stuff, all Java runs fine on Windows).

There need to be somebody playing around with build.xml
on Windows C++ and contribute this.
Martin Johnson and you are the proud first victims :-)

To adjust build.xml to run with C++ Windows you need
to understand the "cpptasks" coded by Curt Arnold.

It is worth going the ant/cpptasks way as we have a common
build.xml to compile C++ on all platforms in future.
Other tools (like jam, configure, Makefile ...) all have cross platform
drawbacks - for us ant is the bright future even for C++.

On Windows i tried once and these settings seemed to be not too bad:

------------- Raw Windows invocations ------------------------------------
set CFLAGS=/c /nologo /D_WINDOWS /GX /GR /TP /MTd /DMICO=1 /I. /IE:\mico\include /IE:\mico\include\windows /nologo /D_WINDOWS
cl.exe %CFLAGS% /FoE:\xmlBlaster\build\obj\Log.obj
cl.exe %CFLAGS% /FoE:\xmlBlaster\build\obj\xmlBlaster.obj
cl.exe %CFLAGS% /FoE:\xmlBlaster\build\obj\CompatibleCorba.obj
cl.exe %CFLAGS% /IE:\xerces-c-src1_6_0\src

Something like the above commands needs to be generated by ant/build.xml
in future.


Heinrich Götzger wrote:

>I'm kinda helpless right now, provide more output please.
>What is the output of the command
>'build.bat -verbose cpp-lib'?
>On Wed, 31 Jul 2002, Anna Lysenko wrote:
> >
>>Hi Heinrich,
>>I tried to change to line 134 in $XMLBLASTER_HOME/build.xml (revision)
>><property name="compiler" value="gcc"/> to the value "VC6", "bcc" and so on and it does not change anything.
>>Ant still try to use gcc compile. I don't know ant very well, but at
>>$XMLBLASTER_HOME/build.xml task for compile look like:
>> <cc debug="true" link="shared"
>> outfile="${lib.dir}/xmlBlasterClient" objdir="${build.dir}/obj"
>> multithreaded="true" exceptions="true">
>> <compiler refid="msvc"/>
>> <compiler refid="gcc"/>
>> <compiler refid="bcc"/>
>> <fileset dir="${src.cpp.dir}/generated" includes="*.cpp"/>
>> <fileset dir="${src.cpp.dir}/util" includes="*.cpp" />
>> <fileset dir="${src.cpp.dir}/client" includes="*.cpp" />
>> <includepath location="${src.cpp.dir}" />
>> <!-- sysincludepath location="${STL_HOME}/stlport" /-->
>> <sysincludepath location="${CORBACPP_HOME}/include" />
>> <sysincludepath location="${CORBACPP_HOME}/include/windows" if="windows" /> <!-- necessary for mico on win32 -->
>> <sysincludepath location="${XMLCPP_HOME}/src" if="windows" /> <!-- xerces win32 -->
>> <sysincludepath location="${XMLCPP_HOME}/include" /> <!-- xerces 1.6.0 -->
>> <sysincludepath location="${XMLCPP_HOME}/include/xercesc" /> <!-- Since xerces 1.7.0 -->
>> <defineset>
>> <define name="MICO" value="1" />
>> <!-- undefine name="UNWANTEDDEF" / -->
>> </defineset>
>> </cc>
>>where cc - is custom task, define as nt.sf.antcontrib.apptasks.CCTask.class
>>I did not found the place, where name and property of compiler defined according with OS .
>> >>
>I didn't either yet. ;-)
> >
>>And I don't know anything about all these java packages
>>nt.sf.antcontrib.apptasks.*, that are used in ant script. Is that also
>>open source, who wrote this?
>> >>
>I assume it is OS. It comes somewhere from ant contrib.
> >
>>I really need to make it work at Windows, so might you have .bat file for windows, or documentation or something else?
>> >>
>I try to help as good as I can, but due to a lack of Windows I'm not able
>to test here. Probably there other gauys around who can assist.
> >