The flow of a message in publish/subscribe mode

When a publisher sends a message to xmlBlaster it passes several plugins until it is rejected by a plugin or savely stored in the server.

When a subscriber subscribes on a topic, the message is passed with a callback to the subscriber, traversing several plugins before it is delivered.

The grafic below gives you an overview of such a message flow. Please click on the plugin symbol to get more information about the plugin and how to code and register a specific plugin yourself.

The grey plugins are mandatory, you need to registered a plugin, otherwise a default plugin is chosen.

The green plugins are optional, they are registered on startup. The mime plugins are activated depending on the message mime type, the dispatch plugin is activated on demand by a client on login.

The brown plugins allow to control the clustering behavior, they are mandatory if clustering is switched on.

Administrative pluginsLogging pluginCluster supportDispatcher pluginCallback queue pluginMIME access filter pluginQueue/MsgStore pluginPublish pluginSecurity (authentication/authorization) pluginSecurity pluginProtocol pluginSecurity pluginProtocol plugin
Fig: Message flow in the server (click on plugins for detailed information)